Laser Welding

Laser Welding for your jewellery


Most people envisage jewellery repair as a jeweller sitting at a workbench with small hand tools and a soldering iron.  But 10 years ago Paul Taylor of Paul Taylor Manufacturing had the foresight to see the endless potential in laser welding and invested in the state of the art LASERSTAR micro welder to perform many types of repairs in his workshop.   Paul is one of very few jewellers in New Zealand who has invested in a laser machine.  At Paul Taylor Jewellers, we have been known not only to repair and manufacture jewellery with the LASERSTAR, but have repaired broken spectacle frames to cobalt dental bridges, and other items that have been deemed impossible to repair.


Before laser welding, most jewellery repairs were performed by using solder.  A laser weld is 250 times stronger than solder.  Because the laser actually fuses new and old metal together, providing the same metal alloy is used, there is no evidence of where the join was made.  By using this technology, not only we can perform repair work with outstanding results, but the LASERSTAR has enabled us to repair jewellery much quicker and is a much more cost effective method as the labour involved is generally less.


If you have jewellery that is need of a facelift, treat it to some Laser Surgery, come and talk to us.